This was a student project where I got to work with two design students and create an ambient campaign for Land Rover called "Find Adventure". 
Land Rover is seeking an agency to assist them in creatively positioning the company in a new light targeted towards a new audience base.
The purpose of this project is to develop an ambient marketing campaign for Land Rover with the intention of positioning the brand as a go-to for young urbanites.
The Unique Selling Proposition of the campaign is “Find Adventure.” It encourages wanderlust and works as an invitation for the audience to go out for a long drive.
The ideal audience is unisex, young [30 - 37], urbanites. They are adventure seekers and high-income earners, able to balance both work and play in their lifestyle.
Ambient Executions
An augmented experience that encourages users to find their adventure in their city.
The AR scavenger hunt works through an app that indicates where hidden AR texture packs can be scanned and collected throughout several cities.
The texture packs are also synchronous with a photo booth installation and the pop-up car. 
An interactive photo booth allows viewers to virtually put themselves in the advertising campaign via real-time technology.
The mechanics of the installation allows the audience to custom select from 3 different landscapes, and they can save the photographs of themself through email.
This ad piece is a method for public engagement and retaining email contact for future marketing. 

The pop-up experience is a reward system for the audience to cash in on the places they discovered.
The pop-up experience works as a mobile stand where the audience can get free coffee and enter raffles to win discounts and prizes with a grand prize of international travel accommodated by Land Rover and their collaborator, Expedia.
The level of raffle prizes an individual can enter will vary based on the amount of AR locations they collected. Further incentivizing the audience to go out in the world and find adventure.
Account Planners: Maliyat Bakth & Alliah Patawaran 
Designers: Maliyat Bakth, Yasin Mete, & Alliah Patawaran

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